If it were acceptable to drop an f-bomb anywhere in this article it would be in this first sentence. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital might have just discovered a treatment for COVID-19. Not only could this be a treatment for COVID, but several other potentially fatal disorders. This research, by the way, is founded through A.L.S.A.C., the fundraising sector of St. Jude. A majority of the donations made to ALSAC from folks like you and me.

It goes without saying, the research happening in Memphis, Tennessee at St. Jude goes far beyond what most people realize. Obviously, terminal cancers and other catastrophic diseases are top of mind but there's much more being researched. And, did you know St. Jude is responsible for the most recent flu vaccine? All true. But, the most important fact is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital freely shares its research across the entire world? A treatment discovered at St. Jude could save your life. But, for the article, the focus is on COVID-19.

If you're familiar with inflammation you'll understand this faster than most.

We have solved a major piece of the cytokine storm mystery by characterizing critical factors responsible for initiating this process, and thereby identifying a unique combination therapy using existing drugs that can be applied in the clinic to save lives

This discovery is determined to prevent life-threatening inflammation, lung damage, and organ failure in patients, particularly with COVID-19. The full research article is HERE but FOX-Cincinnati explained it in simpler terms.

This virus triggers severe inflammation that cripples the lungs and damages other organs. St. Jude researchers say they’ve identified the mechanisms that drive COVID-19 inflammation and the medicines that can treat it.

Read that article HERE.

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