St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has unique way to turn a child's scary cancer diagnosis into something that they should embrace as a journey.

When I visited St. Jude in Memphis about 3 weeks ago, I was so impressed by the things that they do to help young children understand what's happening to them in a way that's nonthreatening. They do it in a way that takes the scary fear out of it.

One of the things they do for the kids is that they give each child a passport booklet for their treatment.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia
Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

This passport is what the child brings with them to every medical appointment and treatment that they get stamped when they pass a process.

Say for instance they have to get their blood drawn. The child will get a stamp for going to get blood work done. They will have their passport with them through their chemotherapy session to be stamp.

St. Jude finds a way to make a memorable difference for every child as they face their prognosis on their way to getting better. They make each appointment and treatment session, whatever they may be, as a mile marker and something the kids can look back at and be proud of their courage and strength they've developed along this path.

Honestly, St. Jude really thinks about of all the facets that would make a child fearful of their cancer diagnosis and they find the most creative ways for them not to be but to take everything in stride.

Cancer isn't fun, it isn't something I would wish for anyone, especially for children, but the love care and concern that St. Jude gives to kids all around the world to help them body, mind and spirit is so amazing.

This simple passport is a way for children to gain an understanding of what's happening to them and to be able to see it through as just another step inthe journey to getting rid of the nasty diseases that has invaded their body. St. Jude dailt raises warriors who have more strength and resiliance than any adult I know.

With your support as a Partner In Hope you can help St. Jude continue to fight childhood cancer and find that cure, but in the meantime you are helping to give strength, hope and to build up mighty warriors in little bodies to stare down the enemy that's fighting within them.

If you feel moved to help these children both today and tomorrow (Feb. 1st & 2nd) you can give your support to help save their lives.

Call 1-800-372-4999 and become a Partner in Hope for just $20 a month. Or you can text to give by texting WXXQ to 785-833 and click the St. Jude link to donate.

Whatever way you choose, on behalf of myself and the Q98.5 Crew we thank you from the bottoms of hearts to joining the cause and helping us fight childhood cancer and find a cure so no child will die in the dawn of life.



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