"Own a piece of history today" is what the listing reads.

As if selling blank vaccination ID cards on the internet isn't bad enough, selling empty COVID-19 vaccination vials is somehow worse.


Here's why, first, someone is going to buy these. Like, pay actual real-life hard-earned money on empty glass bottles. That's bad enough.

Those empty glass containers are essentially garbage and while Sharps Compliance doesn't classify them as "hazardous waste" they probably shouldn't be messed with.

Second, that person who buys those empty vials could be planning to do something nefarious with them and that could be really bad for business.

Even if the purchaser isn't thinking of anything close, what's the point?

I mean, c'mon man, who wants empty vaccination vials anyway? What are you gonna do with them? Show them off to family and friends?

Man 1: "Hey friend, nice mantle you got there."

Man 2: "Thanks pal. Did you notice my empty COVID vaccine bottles? I think they really add to the ambiance."

Man 1: "Oh wow. Great addition! Do you mind if I borrow them after you're done? I've got an open spot on a window sill where an empty vial of COVID vaccine would look perfect."

Man 2: "No, buy your own. These are mine!"

All I'm saying is that those empty vials needn't be sold but should just be tossed but if you must, you can buy them on Craigslist.

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