Well that did take long. Kids, leave your fidget toy at home.

It never fails, the moment something cool gets hot, it almost immediately gets banned from school. The latest? Those new fidget spinner toys that are all the rage.

These toys are all around playgrounds, classrooms and social media.  NBC 5 is reporting that some schools in suburban Chicago are already putting rules into place to ban the toys. Fidget Spinners are two or three pronged pieces of plastic that spin around a steel bearing. They are colorful and kids are mesmerized by their motion.

Never seen one before?

The toys are market as a gadget to keep kids from fidgeting in school. The toys are supposed to "enhance the senses to allow for better and longer concentration" according to the Chicago Tribune. The newspaper also reports that reports that schools in Downers Grove and Evanston have already banned the devices in the classroom.

Are they okay for recess?  For now, maybe, in the future, probably not.  We have not heard about any outright ban here in any Stateline school, yet, but it may be coming.

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