The landscape in the Rockford area of 11th Street and Samuelson Road is going to look a bit different soon. A solar farm has gotten the green light to set up shop in the Forest City.

The Rockford Register Star shares that the Rockford's City Council approved the measure for a 5.7 acre plot of land around 5454 11th Street will now be home to a solar farm.

Denver based company, Stella-Solar was granted a permit by the city to proceed ahead with their plans to set up "a 1.2-megawatt solar farm with 3,402 solar panels in a field near 5454 11th St."

Although the land is zoned for light industrial, commercial and agricultural properties there are homes that border the property. Stella-Solar "is expected to install a landscape buffer between the solar farm and the homes."

Wow! That area is for sure going to look different.

Now when driving down 251, instead of seeing corn or soybeans growing in that area we'll be seeing all those blue glossy solar plates angled to catch and store the sun's energy.



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