If there are no clouds this Thursday, October 23 we will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse in the Stateline area. Here's when the eclipse will be viewed on Thursday afternoon.
A safety note to all that you should never look at the sun directly. The partial solar eclipse will take place Thursday, Oct. 23 – starts at 3:33 pm and maximizes at 4:41 pm.

We will notice a slight dimming of sunlight in the sky around this time. According to Discovery Center in Rockford, you can safely see it there or at any Stateline area astronomy center.

NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN…NOT EVEN WITH SUNGLASSES. Use solar projections, sunspotter scopes, and shadow viewers.

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Remember the old trick of using a piece of paper, poking a small hole in it, and holding it over the sidewalk with the sun behind you. You should be able to see the sun eclipse on the concrete sidewalk below you. I have tried this and it does work.

Be safe and happy viewing Stateline.