So New York came up with thin crust pizza and San Francisco invented the wood fired pizza. But in Chicago who really invented the Deep Dish Pizza? If you asked people that question you're sure to get a few different answers. Most people say that this pie originated in 1943 from Pizzeria Uno owners, Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo. Others say it was actually Pizzeria Uno's first Chef, Rudy Malnati who created this beautiful pie. In truth it almost didn't happen at all.


Owner's Ike Sewell and  Ric Riccardo actually wanted to open up a Mexican restaurant in Chicago because there were already so many pizza places. But one failed meal of Mexican descent actually made one of the owners sick and they ended up changing their minds. Well thanks for that, If they would have succeeded we might not have this amazing pizza.

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If you do some reading, the consensus is that actually all three men actually had a hand in creating this Deep dish delish of a pizza. Regardless of what you believe, These  men took an Italian-American style pizza and turned it into something so unique and tasty that today people ship them around the world. I am actually sending one to my brother in Louisiana this year.

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