Weeks ago we received the news that the Snow Park at Alpine Hills would be reopening for our tubing enjoyment this winter, but like most things in 2020, the opening date has not gone according to plan.

Ever since I made the mistake of telling my girls that a snow tubing park would be opening in Rockford soon, they have asked daily, (I kid you not), if it was open yet. Thankfully their uncle, (my brother), works for the Rockford Park District, and on Christmas Eve he informed my girls that for weeks he has been hard at work making snow for the park, and it was almost ready to open for the season.

Well, now we know the "almost" is going to be Tuesday, December 29, as long a Mother Nature continues to cooperate. (Fingers crossed!)

Snow Park at Alpine Hills was originally scheduled to open on Saturday, December 26, but on Christmas Day they posted this on Facebook;

Even though all of the fun at Snow Park at Alpine Hills takes place outside, certain COVID precautions will still need to be followed this season. Those precautions include:

  • Wearing a face covering/mask at all times
  • Undergoing a health screening at check-in
  • Spectators limited to members of the participant's immediate family
  • No personal equipment can be brought into the building, and no loitering inside will be allowed.
  • Participants should not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before their reserved time slot.

For information about the Snow Park at Alpine Hills, their hours of operation, and to reserve tickets/time slot in advance, go to alpinehillsadventure.com.

See you on the hill soon, my friends!

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