UPDATE: We now know where those Skittles came from - and it wasn't aliens or pesky kids.

The Skittles were intended to be fed to cattle, but spilled out on to the highway, creating a "sticky" situation.

That's the information given to WREX from a Dodge Country Sheriff.

I liked the sense of humor that came along with that quote.

"Probably gonna get a little harassment from other sheriff's departments, because I've got pink Skittles on my highways," Sheriff Schmidt said.

It turns out the Skittles are great for winter weather.

The county highway commissioner says the sugary candies will actually help the winter road, says Skittles are "an effective snow and ice fighting" treatment.

And let's not skip over the comment for a Dodge Country postal worker.

"It's a little hint of Spring, I guess, pink Skittles everywhere," she said.

A bright and color ending to a dull-weathered week.

Local officials in Dodge county were left puzzled when they found hundred of thousands of this sugary good completely covering the road. Their picture is as great as the story.

Imagine driving along and suddenly locking your breaks to avoid smashing into a flavorsome rainbow - or solid color, in this case.

That is exactly what happened to police in Dodge County - and there is a picture to prove it.

So nobody knew what happened at first. Conspiracy theory? Nope. Just a bunch of Skittle that fell off of a truck, according to the Sheriff's Facebook page. No matter what caused this, if it happens again there is no reason to get out of Dodge.

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