As America celebrates the inauguration of it's 44th president, let's highlight the great things happening in our own backyard.

This is about the easiest list to fill because Rockford truly does has a lot of good going on. Here are five ways Rockford is making America great again, in no particular order.

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    There is plenty to see and learn about in Rockford. You can get visual of art at Rockford Art Museum or take a stroll through Anderson Japanese Gardens. You can also see beautiful artwork by artists from Rockford at various businesses and restaurants throughout the state-line.

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    The opening Rockford Milkhouse proves the music scene is alive and well in Rockford. Of course, the new all ages venue isn't the only place to see live music. Remember, anywhere you find live country music you're bound to find someone from Q98.5.

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    Holy desserts, Batman! Three places: Sugar Jones, Sugar Britches, and Dairyhaus. Yes, there are a TON of great treats available around town.

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    The Rockford Icehogs have become synonymous with Rockford, that was big turning point for Rockford. Now, with the massive UW Health Sports Factory - tournaments will be bigger than ever in the forest city.

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