Sarah Collins of Rockton is single and gets a lot of mushy, lovey-dovey cards from her married family and friends during the holidays. Tired of being left out of the cute holiday card fun, she decided to do something about it this year, and I seriously could not love this card any more.

My husband and I try to send out funny Christmas cards every year, but we have never come up with anything as awesome as this one. Sarah, you are now my holiday card goddess and inspiration.


We're not the only ones that think Sarah's card is absolutely hilarious; it's been getting A LOT of national attention as well. I've seen it shared on and also huffingtonpost.comHeck, even Zooey Deschanel shared it...


As for why Sarah decided on pizza as her partner, this is what she told the Huffington Post;

“I chose pizza because it’s always answers my calls, comforts me when I need it, and gives my stomach a warm hug. I foresee that Pizza and I will be together for a long time to come. Even if I find another love I believe that pizza and I will keep an open relationship.”


Sarah, you are awesome. I hope you and pizza have a very Merry Christmas! Although, I'm afraid that pizza is cheating on you with millions of other people in the World. Good thing a monogamous relationship with pizza is not what you are looking for.