Are you or someone you know a Facebook-o-holic?

Not sure what that is?

There's fifteen signs to tell if you or they are.

Now thinking about the word Facebook-o-holic, you might have a few people come to mind, but caution, Relationship Surgery's article says you very well might be one too.

Here's a few signs:

- They can never get of "theirself-ie": This person is constantly taking selfies.

- Posting for every moment of their life.

- They feel they must always post their opinion on everything.

- They have a sidekick who supports and comments on everything that's posted.

- Posts pictures of food and eating. Uh-Oh I do this, but not everyday.Hmmmm.

- They love to add hashtags to everything.

Does anyone come to mind?

I'll admit I've been guilty of some of these, but in my defense a lot of them are related to work, especially the food pictures. Does that let me off the hook? Haha!

Here are the fifteen "Facebook-o-holic" symptoms to help you diagnose you or someone you might know?