If you are a Snapchat user living in Illinois who filed a claim in the recent lawsuit against the company for violating Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act, check your bank account because payments are now being sent out.

Why Does Snapchat Owe Some Illinois Residents Money?

In case you didn't know, the company that owns the social media platform Snapchat recently settled a class-action lawsuit that claimed the social network violated Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act by collecting and storing "unique" facial features of their users for use by special lenses and filters in the app without their consent.

NBC Chicago reports that the settlement awarded a total of $35 million dollars to Illinois Snapchat users, and now that total is being divided and distributed to all Illinois residents who filed a previous claim in the lawsuit.

Here comes the bummer part...

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Illinois Users Less Than Impressed With Snapchat Payday

I'm assuming most Illinoisans weren't expecting to get rich on the amount of money they would be receiving from the Snapchat settlement, but I bet most thought they might get a nice dinner or outfit from the money. Wrong.

To be fair, I have the Snapchat app on my phone, but I rarely use it and totally spaced on filing a claim in this lawsuit. (stupid, I know). Since I didn't file a claim I am unaware if it tells you ahead of time how much money you could be receiving as a payout, but I'm willing to bet most thought, or at least hoped, that it would be more than $16.

NBC Chicago says;

Users of the social media app who filed a claim in connection with the lawsuit reported receiving funds from the $35 million settlement beginning Monday. The total? $16.35.

Wow. At least you'll be able to score a couple of tanks of gas on Snapchat's dime. Does that make you feel a little better?

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