Snapchat users that recently updated the app may want to check their settings because, by default, their location is automatically being shared with all their followers even if your not posting pics on the app. You see, Snapchat's "really cool" friend feature could actually be infringing on your (or your kids?) privacy and you don't even know it.

Here's how to keep your precise location private:

Open Snapchat and (in selfie mode) zoom in by placing two fingers together on the screen and separating them. You will see this screen appear.

Snapchat App

Click "Next and the next screen will have a few options including "Only Me (Ghost Mode)." You're going to want to click on this option and make sure the text is blue and includes the check mark on the far right, as seen in the following photo.

Snapchat App

Go ahead and click "next. Just know you'll get another screen about a new feature called "Our Story" which will (spoiler alert) reveal your location to fellow snappers. Remember, your location can be shared just by opening the app.

[Side note:] It's always a good idea to check our privacy settings on apps on your phone and not just social media. News sites, financial companies, even games, almost always have a location setting.

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