We, the citizens of Boone and Winnebago County, have a very important task at hand. A convicted killer and rapist who has been behind bars since the late 1970's has a parole hearing scheduled for February 13, 2019, and we need to come together and take a stand against his release.

During his sentencing, experts said that this man named Curtis Brownell, "had intense anger towards women and would be a danger if released".  This is exactly why the Boone and Winnebago County Sheriff's Departments and State's Attorney Offices are asking us to sign a petition that opposes Brownell's parole.

I like to think all people can change, but in this case, I am not willing to give Brownell the benefit of the doubt, or the chance to prove it.

I am signing the petition, and I'm hoping you will click here right now and do the same.

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