I'm not much of a "collector." Baseball cards when I was young, I guess there was GIJOE and whatever, but in my adult life...I don't really have the time and patience for that stuff. One Illinois man has a strange collection of things that got him busted and sent to jail. SG


Melvin G. Hanks of Belleville, Illinois was busted with 93 HUMAN HAIR PONYTAILS. What in the actual f... is going on here?

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Hanks would call up local salons, pretending to be from "Locks of Love." An organization that collects the ponytails and creates the highest quality hair prosthetics for kids that have lost their hair. A great organization that helps these kids with their confidence and gives them a new look and a smile. So this piece of trash pretended to be from this organization, and stole all the ponytails for his own sick, personal collection.

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Police were called to Mr. Hanks home...actually he still lives with his dad, who is 80, and they found all of these ponytails in a closet.

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On of the local salons said that Melvin would CALL WEEKLY asking about donated ponytails that he would add to his twisted collection.



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