Dr. Dennis Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the vaccine rollout.

For approximately the 35th straight week, Dr. Norem wanted to initially focus on encouraging people to get the vaccine if they have not already. I fully realize that is getting to be a broken record for some people but it remains the safest way out of the pandemic according to literally every medical professional we have ever talked to on the show.

It had been 2 weeks since we had last talked to Dr. Norem so we had a lot of catching up to do.

The biggest news since we last talked was the FDA approving a booster shot for the Pfizer vaccine for those over 65, a frontline worker, or someone with extenuating circumstances.

Dr. Norem, like pretty much every other doctor out there, strongly suggests that you get a COVID vaccine booster shot if it is available to you. One of the things we did ask Dr. Norem was whether you should get the same booster shot as your original vaccine. Dr. Norem said basically that the studies haven't shown anything conclusive yet, but the general consensus is that mixing brands of vaccines is probably the most effective but you should still get what ever booster is available to you.

We also asked Dr. Norem what he thought about the proposal of mixing flu vaccines with COVID vaccines and he said that any way you can get the flu vaccine in you, you should do it. Now is not the time to roll the dice on getting any disease that could leave you more susceptible to contracting COVID.

We thank Dr. Norem for his time and look forward to his next visit.

Dr. Norem joins 1440 WROK every Monday morning at 705 to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the vaccine rollout.

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