Do you think Rockford pet owners should be allowed to take them to stores?

I've owned pets my whole life. I've never had the desire to bring them shopping with me. That would be harder than taking a baby along. I never understood why people would bring them with. They just sit in the car. Wouldn't they be more comfortable at home?

Well, there's a new trend. People are actually bringing them into businesses. I'm not just talking about pet stores, the vet, or groomers. I'm talking places like the mall and grocery store. These aren't just service or security animals. They are family pets.

I went to visit my mom over the weekend in the suburbs. She wanted to go to the mall by her house. When we got there, I saw people walking their dogs in the mall. Are you kidding me? That's crazy.

I just don't agree. What if they go to the bathroom? How do they react around other animals, people and kids? I just don't think it's the right environment. They are just too unpredictable. I see owners struggle when they bring them to an outdoor event around a lot of people, but to a store is taking it to a new level of difficulty.

Go ahead, bring your dog to the park or take them for a walk in the neighborhood. Otherwise, please leave them at home. I love my pets, they are part of the family but sorry, they aren't going to the mall. They are much better at home.

What do you think?

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