I'm betting any kid would absolutely love this, but there's a hidden bonus in sending it for parents too!

Currently I am in the process of digging through boxes to find our family's Elf on the Shelf, Chilly Milly, in preparation for her holiday return. Of course I have no idea where the "easily accessible" place I stashed her last year is, but I need to find her stat! How else am I supposed to provide my daughter with some extra Christmas magic and persuasion for good holiday behavior? I know I will find the elf eventually, but thank goodness Santa is also here to help!

For just $4.95 you can send a 5x7 personalized postcard to your child from Santa that includes the few things (picked by parents) that they need to do to stay on the "nice list." A little extra help to get your kids to make their bed and pick up their toys is always a bonus, right? Right. Read more, or order your personalized postcard now, here.