We’ve seen a lot of trailers for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusterssome controversial and some pretty great. But the latest one shows more of the ghosts the new crew will be busting.

The latest international trailer for the reboot features a lot of the same footage we’ve seen before, but with an extended look at Chris Hemsworth’s non-believer receptionist and the gang’s gadgets and proton packs. There’s also some more Slimer, another look at Rowan, the new big bad marshmallow man, and a haunted mannequin chasing down Leslie Jones.

The conversation surrounding Feig’s upcoming reboot has unfortunately focused on the sexist backlash facing the movie rather than the actual footage. From fans claiming to protest the movie because of its female cast to fans saying they simply don’t like the trailers, there’s been an incredibly large, and unwarranted, negative outcry against the movie. (For the record, no one has seen yet it yet, except Dan Akroyd, who praised it extensively, if a bit excessively.)

But each new trailer Sony has released has been noticably better than the first, specifically for featuring more of the cast and with much sharper editing. The last two trailers gave Kate McKinnon more lines, many of which are some of the funniest footage shown so far, plus some delightful moments showcasing Jones, Kirsten Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy’s characters. Here’s to hoping the movie can speak for itself and ward off the haters once it opens on July 15.

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