Something unusual was spotted hanging out on a building in Chicago.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Is this a job for the Ghostbusters?

Imgur/ Phunniemee


Haha! No it's not.

It's just a 13 foot blow up Halloween decoration made in the image of Dr. Raymond Stanz childhood happy image and thought, that Otha Smith bought at Lowe's.

Otha told DNAInfo that "I went to get my daughters' [Halloween] costumes early and saw this big guy in Lowe's and had to have him."

The 'big guy' is sitting atop the rooftop of a low-rise condominium building at 501 N. Wells St. that is owned by Otha Smith, who also lives in the building.

He had no idea his Stay Puft would become an internet buzz around town. He said he plans to leave it up at least through the weekend for the Chicago Marathon.

Now that is funny.