Have you ever heard of Lang's Apple Orchard? Me either!

Ok, here's the thing. This isn't the first time this summer I discovered a new apple orchard near Rockford.

Earlier this month, the Apple Hut in Beloit surprised me as one of the most popular places to grab an apple cider donut in the Stateline and now Lang's Apple Orchard is surprising me too.

Have you heard of Lang's? It's in Woodstock, at 17411 Secor Road and is kind of a secret.

Their Facebook page only has about 1,000 fans but yet they managed to make an appearance on Yelp's Top Five Apple Orchards near Rockford page.

That's why I called it a 'secret!'

Here's the bummer... they won't be open this season.

On August 9 they shared a post on Facebook saying they just won't have enough apples this year to warrant opening.

The note reads:

We will be closed for the 2021 Season
Dear Friends and Valued Customers -
After long and careful consideration, Chris and I have decided to keep the orchard closed for the 2021 season. Since we are principally a U-Pick orchard, we know that we just don't have enough quality apples for that to occur.
While we did have a fairly prolific blossoming occuring this spring, we did encounter a very cold evening on April 22, when the temperature got down to 19 degrees. This extreme cold killed off the blossoms on the majority of the trees and therefore ended our season before it began. I'm pretty sure this also affected many other nearby orchards as well.
It was good to see so many returning customers last season, and many first timers. We are grateful that we had wonderful season last year although it was rather short.
We want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments we have received on our facebook page. We are glad you enjoyed our easy-going family-run orchard that is all about having fun, picking apples, spending time in the great outdoors and no circuses.
Also a "Thank You" for supporting our local food pantry with your contributions.
Hope to see you in 2022.....
Chris and Steve Lang
This is such a bummer! I for one am hoping that they will be able to open next year so we all have the chance to try their awesome apples!

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