Today I noticed something pretty awesome on Edwards Apple Orchard's Facebook and now I HAVE to know more!

Here's the post...

Yes, they are talking about THAT Melissa Gilbert who is most famous for her role as Laura Ingalls on Little House On the Prairie.

Getty Images, Canva
Getty Images, Canva

So, what the heck was Melissa Gilbert doing at Edwards Apple Orchard, and what exactly is Modern Prairie? Let's start with the question that is the easiest to answer...

What Is Modern Prairie?

According to its website, Modern Prairie is;

Modern Prairie is a brand centered around the modern, mature women and their needs, focusing on empowering them to regain their confidence through aging.


Modern Prairie's brand includes merchandise like linens, home decor, tabletop,  bakeware, and outdoor entertaining, but it also offers great recipes, crafts ideas, and inspirational words of wisdom from Melissa Gilbert herself.

Why Was Modern Prairie at Edwards Apple Orchard?

One glance at Modern Prairie's website and social media pages will show you that this brand LOVES the fall season, and if you're looking to highlight fabulous fall attractions throughout America, of course, you HAVE to visit Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois!

I'm not sure how Edwards caught the attention of Modern Prairie, but I can tell you that Melissa Gilbert fell in love with it and had a fabulous time during her visit!

Here is what Melissa Gilbert has to say about Edwards on the Modern Prairie website;

This season we had the opportunity to visit Edwards Apple Orchard, a fourth-generation family farm in Poplar Grove Illinois that's become a place where families can create traditions that celebrate the local tastes of autumn.
It’s a wonderful space that’s open to everyone and happiness exudes everywhere - from the picnic tables, to the petting zoo, to the incredible orchards where variations of apple families glisten like beacons of hope. The best part? There were apple cinnamon donuts!
As long as there are donuts, I’ll be right be-cider you”


Melissa also shared this highlight video from her trip to Edwards Apple Orchard on Modern Prairie's Instagram...

Will a trip to Edwards Apple Orchard become a part of Melissa Gilbert's yearly fall traditions like the rest of us in the Rockford area? I sure hope so!

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