There's a chance of more freezing rain for your Wednesday morning drive, but the real threat will be dense fog.

Dense Fog Advisory for Northern Illinois and South Eastern Wisconsin

Reports of visibility being less than a quarter of a mile due to fog have started to come in around the Rockford region, and according to the National Weather Service, a Dense Fog Advisory will remain in effect until 10 am on Wednesday (1/24).

Dense fog is expected to develop this evening and continue through Wednesday morning. The lingering cold ground may allow some slick spots on untreated surfaces late tonight outside of Chicago. -N.W.S.

Foggy conditions are possible for the next several nights along with a significant chance of more rain and wintry weather through Thursday, according to the latest Weather Channel forecast.

Some Schools Will Be Delayed or Closed on Wednesday (1/24)

Lena-Winslow School District - 2 Hour Delay

Pearl City School District - 2 Hour Delay

Warren School District - 2 Hour Delay

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