Blackhawk statue that sits proudly on a bluff above the Rock River in Oregon is in dire need of saving. It's going to take the work of earthly angels to get it done.

The Chicago Tribune shares that "the 48-foot-tall, 270-ton national landmark designed by renowned sculptor Lorado Taft has been wrapped in black protective covering since a restoration effort that started five years ago fell apart."

After sitting half restored the concrete statue is in need of help from what they're saying "charitable angels" who believe in keeping art and history alive in the area.

This "cultural attraction that drew about 400,000 visitors a year to Lowden State Park [has turned] into an eerie eyesore. It's been said to look like a giant mummy wrapped in trash bags.

Honestly, I can't argue with that, because it does.

It's a shame to see this iconic landmark just sitting and waiting to be finished.

Many are frustrated by this, including "Oregon writer and historian Jan Stilson. She has kick-started a new push to restore the 107-year-old statue."

"She and other supporters are hopeful. Raising about a half a million dollars to finish the job, however, remains an open proposition."

Many say it can happen. "There are still some angels who are willing to help, and [they’ve] got to believe in miracles.”

A miracle is what it's going to take to raise a half a million dollars to finish a project that was so promising 5 years ago, but fell victim to our states economic and money issues.

They are now calling on those who love art and love history to save this sculpture. "Dedicated in 1911, the Eternal Indian, also known as the Rock River Colossus, [or what we've all called Blackhawk Statue] is thought to be the second-largest concrete monolithic statue in the world."

It's really sad that this fixture that's been around for over 100 years now sits wrapped in black tarps.

Even the park officials have noticed that it "[appears] that visits to Lowden State Park have dropped since the statue was covered and many visitors complained about being unable to view the statue."

In effort to hopefully rejuvenate excitement for seeing the staute and hopefully jump start the idea of restoration again, "the state plans to remove the protective wrap around the statue and install lights for the spring, summer and fall."

Will that be enough?

We can't let this disappear.

Shame on Illinois if we do.

I hope and pray those earthly angels appear sooner than later.

If not this may be all we'll see for a long time until the statue crumbles and falls apart.




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