Every hard core Saved By The Bell fan dreamed of going to a diner just like "The Max" where Slater, Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and Screech used to hang when not walking the halls of Bayside High. Well, it looks likes dreams will eventually come true, because a Saved By The Bell pop-up bar and diner is coming to Wicker Park in Chicago this summer.

According to WGNtv.com, this new pop-up parody bar called "Saved By The Max" will be opening on June 1, 2016, and will feature food and drink items named after the show's stars like, "AC Sliders", "Preppy BLT", and "Macaroni and Screech". No worries, it will also house a full bar as well.

If you are now planning multiple trips to Wicker Park in Chicago this summer, don't forget to bring along your best 80's/90's wear, because "Saved By The Max" will also be featuring daily costume contests for cash prizes, dance parties, karaoke, trivia and other fun events.

Personally, I'm so excited to see if they have a "Hot Sundae" on their menu. LOL!



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