A new dance video for Sam Hunt's "Leave the Night On" exemplifies his willingness to push country music's boundaries further than perhaps anyone before him. It could earn him an ACM this spring, or maybe just a sweet performance of the chart-topping song. Hunt and hip-hop choreographer Matt Steffanina teamed up to create the video, available during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

The dance is actually the second Steffanina created for Hunt. Previously the acclaimed dancer and choreographer had worked with pop and hip-hop artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor. Hunt is his first country collaboration, and the singer says he's honored.

“I embraced it," he tells Taste of Country about how he reacted when his team presented the idea to him. "I’m a big fan of what Matt does and that style of dance in general. I’m very intrigued with it.”

Full disclosure: Hunt is not what you'd call a dance pro. He enjoys dancing, but, "it’s not like I have a big repertoire of moves.”

The two first met after Steffanina created his video for Hunt's current single "Take Your Time." The Georgia-raised former football player says he was curious to see what approach Steffanina would take with a ballad.

“It was cool that a lot of the moves are not necessarily to the drum beat, but to the percussion of the lyrics and the verses," Hunt says.

For both videos, Hunt kind of stayed out of the dance professional's way. "I didn’t want to let my ignorance get in the way of what he does and what he can do,” he explains.

As a finalist for the ACM New Artist of the Year award, the genre-bending Hunt is guaranteed a performance slot on the CBS broadcast this spring. So, could the two camps collaborate again for an amazing television performance of one of the hit songs? Hunt says he honestly hadn't thought about it, but loves the idea.

“I think that could be something in the right circumstances that could be really cool.”

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