It's finally the end of February, and we're all impatiently counting down the days until Spring arrives. (22 days by the way) If you feel like your happy go lucky self has got up and gone for good, here's how to determine if you're just crabby, or if you're suffering from SAD. (seasonal affective disorder)

Here's a few things to know about SAD. Over 10 million Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder each year, especially if they live in the northern states. Women are also more prone to suffer from SAD than men are.

If you want to determine for sure if you are suffering from SAD, first look at the frequency of your mood swings. Do you feel "off" like once or week, or is it a persistent 24/7 kind of thing? A few other things to look at are:

  • If you are sleeping a lot more than usual
  • If you've lost interest in fun activities
  • If you crave carbs constantly
  • If your energy is low
  • If you're constantly bickering with loved ones
  • If you feel fine in other seasons

Are you a SAD sufferer? Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to run and see the doctor for medication. Try exercising. Get yourself some Vitamin D with a "happy lamp" or a trip to the tanning salon. Take the tropical vacation you have been dreaming of, and justify the expense by the fact that your health depends on it. Do whatever it takes to get you through the last 22 days of winter, and be happy!