On Tuesday, Rockford voters will have the opportunity to reduce or maintain the sales tax they pay on goods purchased in the City of Rockford.

The sales tax rate in Rockford is 8.25%, the highest in the Stateline Area. 1% of the sales tax has been earmarked for Rockford road repairs and construction projects that included the roundabouts, and the famed and often criticized  "bridge to nowhere"  that were recently built in Rockford. This tax, previously approved by Rockford voters, has been in place since 2007.

WIFR-TV reports that Citizens for Rebuilding Rockford wants the voters to maintain the tax. The group spokesman Brad Long believes that:

Fixing the roads also means putting people to work. The sales tax creates 160 jobs for construction workers and 220 indirect jobs. If approved, the sales tax will last for five years.


Opinions on whether to retain the tax are mixed among those who have voiced an opinion on social media. If you have driven over a pothole in Rockford, you probably wonder how your money has been spent over the past nine years

Jason Frank on social media said:

Jason Frank Vote No. Make them ask the state legislature to change the wording from 1% sales tax can only be used for infrastructure / property tax relief to JUST roads. They boast its for the roads. Make them pay only for roads. Enough of $7 million bridges to nowhere and expensive roundabouts. They have another year left on the original 1% sales tax to get this done if voted down. And we are still waiting for our City of Rockford property tax rates to go down as promised back in 2006 if this passed. Fool me once. Shame on me. Fool me twice. Shame on you.

Rockford voters will have the task of determining if the money has been spent wisely over the past nine years.

If approved, the additional sales tax will be in effect for another five years.

Rockford voters will have the final say on Tuesday.

What do you think?