Since June we have been warned this was coming, but come October 1, 2018 it's official: Illinoisans will be paying sales tax on ALL online purchases.


According to;

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. is projected to increase revenue to the Illinois state budget by $140 million this year. As a result of the decision, and a change in Illinois law passed with this year’s budget bill, most out-of-state retailers who sell to Illinois customers will be required to collect and remit a “use tax” of 6.25 percent on all online transactions starting Oct. 1.

Guys, I get that this new online tax gives us yet another reason to shop locally, but sometimes I just can't find the certain kind of Little Live Pet that my daughter wants for her birthday anywhere other than Amazon, and I am addicted to the convenience of online shopping. I also worry about the impact paying this sales tax will have on small businesses that make the majority of their money from online, out-of-state sales, (or crafters who are currently thinking of selling things online).

Anyone else feel like their Christmas shopping experience just got a whole lot more frustrating?!?

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