A lockdown at the White House caused a frightening experience for Rockton students on a field trip.

For some students in the Rockford area, a trip to Washington DC is part of their middle school experience.

My daughter took the field trip when she was in eighth grade at Flinn Middle School.

Like many of the families letting their children attend, we were nervous. It was her first vacation without us. She had a great time.

When Stephen Mack Middle School in Rockton went this year, parent's nightmares almost became a reality.

According to wifr.com,

"During their field trip, the White House went on lockdown."

Do you remember last weekend when a man shot and killed himself outside the White House? That's when the local school was making its visit.

When the shots were fired, the Secret Service moved quickly to secure the area to protect everyone. The children didn't know what was going on at first, but the security took over the situation and made them feel comfortable.

Thank goodness nothing else bad happened and they were all safe.

When they look back on that day, hopefully, they can still think positively about their visit to our nation's capital. Not many Americans get to see the Secret Service in action.

Would you let your child go on a trip to Washington DC with their class?


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