It's crazy to think that we've made it far enough into this pandemic that we're looking back on early pandemic memories. Life before the pandemic seems like forever ago, and now, it actually kind of was.

Remember at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when a grandma in Rockford went viral for a video using a hugging machine to hug her great grandkids?

It went REALLY viral.

It was shared by news sources from all around. Even CNN covered it!

Well, almost a year later, 86 year-old Rose Gagnon finally got to hug her great grandkids, no plastic necessary. Rose ditched the viral pandemic hack and gave some fully vaccinated hugs.

The video of them finally getting to spend some time together is so sweet. Last year was filled with so much worry and doubt. So to see this story come full circle is seriously so heartwarming and inspiring that life is moving back in the right direction.

WIFR details -

The family made up for lost time, they had a sleepover at Gagnon’s apartment for the first time since the start of the pandemic and went swimming at her indoor pool.

It was a perfect reunion to help celebrate Rose's birthday. She said -

The hug machine was a good way to stay in touch with the family during the pandemic, but nothing beats the real touch of a big hug.

Hopefully soon we'll all be able to embrace our loved ones in person.


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