There's a nationwide search for the ultimate fan of The Walking Dead and she may be in our own backyard. Together, we can make sure this Rockton mom wins that title.

Ashley Weidman of Rockton is one of the biggest fans of AMC's The Walking Dead. Actually, you can go ahead and call her an ultimate fan.

She needs your help to prove she is deserving of a trip to Los Angeles to be on a live taping of AMC's Talking Dead, the show that immediately follows TWD to discuss all things Walking Dead.

Ashley is one of 20 finalists nationwide and she is looking for your vote.

So is she really an ultimate fan? Being a super of The Walking Dead myself, I wanted to see if she meets the requirements. Here are a few questions I asked Ashley.


How long have you been a fan TWD?

I have been a fan of the show for 3 years now. My husband was traveling for work and I decided to start watching it on Netflix. Best decision I ever made. I have gone from a fan to a complete crazy, lunatic Walking Dead nut (admitting it is the 1st step right?)! I am so drawn to the characters and the story about survival.

Do/Did you read the graphic novel (comic book)?

Not at first, but I quickly jumped into those!

Where did you hear/read about this contest?

After The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead is on. Chris Hardwick (the host) mentioned if you sent in a video telling them (The Talking Dead) why you're the Ultimate Fan you could have the chance to be on the show! I, of course, jumped on the opportunityI

How did you find out your are a finalist? How did you react?

I first got an email from someone on the show. I then eventually talked to a producer on the phone that asked me questions about myself and my knowledge about The Walking Dead. I was speechless. I knew it was a long shot that they would even consider my video, then to get to the point where I was part of the voting and talking to a producer! It was unreal!

Whose idea was it to name your future daughter "Maggie"?

Completely my idea. I already have two children Maximus and Mae. Maggie fit right in. She's such a strong character on the show. I respect her and knew naming my daughter after Maggie Greene Rhee would be the perfect tribute.

Tell me about your love for TWD.

Gosh, how much time do you have? Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the show. I have traveled to conventions, volunteered at conventions, moved my children's sleep schedules around so I can watch it live on Sunday Nights. I even go over to my Step-Dad's every Tuesday to watch the show (I love watching the old episodes) to get him hooked! I read articles everyday-all day, I watch the episodes over and over in hopes of finding clues as to what's to come. I'm completely intrigued with the actors, writers, producers, directors, etc. . . Everyone has something they love and obsess over. The Walking Dead is definitely my thing. I've been told that I "come on a little strong" when I find out that someone else is a fan. Can you blame me? During the day I have 3 kids to chat with, so when I hear someone is a fan I jump on the opportunity to talk about it! I always tell people, it's NOT a show about zombies, it's a show about people. Wonderful, complicated people doing their best to survive in a fallen world.

Which past character do you most wish was still on the show?

That's an easy one. GLENN!! He had such a presence on the show. He was the symbol of hope in the human race. No matter how nasty the Walking Dead world became, he was the one that kept it together.He carried Hershel and Dale's moral compass with him. By saying I wish Glenn was still alive, is also wishing Hershel and Dale are too.  Now his child will have to grow up without his wonderful wisdom.

Is there anything you would like to mention?   

Please vote for me and let me have the chance to travel to Los Angeles and be on The Talking Dead. I promise to be the Ultimate fan for all the other ultimate fans! My poor family and friends are tired of me talking their ear off about the show! Give me a safe place to let it all out  


OK, Ashley qualities as a super fan. Now lets make her the ultimate fan of The Walking Dead.


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