It has been a few years since I took a trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. So when this video came out, I was reminded how beautiful lighthouses are. 

If you head three hours east, you will head to what is known as "The Riviera Of the Midwest", St. Joseph, Michigan. It has plenty of things to do in the Summertime, including wineries and beaches. The community is also known for its lighthouse.

According to the website, it was built in 1832 and is "one of the Great Lake's last remaining pier range light systems". People can still use the pier for walking, running and biking.

Why is this lighthouse garnishing so much attention now? With the cold weather invading the midwest, a neat phenomenon took place a few days ago.

The addition of a smokestack to the famed lighthouse has made many residents upset. But, they may have a change of mind after seeing this.

The Great Lakes Drone Company shot this footage and already has been viewed by over a million people. It is a beautiful sight to see.