For the second time this year, The Walking Dead Season 8 is taking a brief hiatus from production. Hurricane Irma has forced a number of Georgia-based productions to close up shop for the time being, including CW series and several Marvel blockbusters.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the category 5 hurricane-turned-tropical storm has shut down production on both AMC’s The Walking Dead and Wyatt Russell dramedy Lodge 49, hoping to gauge by Tuesday when filming can resume. The Walking Dead Season 8 previously shut down production for five days over the on-set accident and later passing of stuntman John Bernecker.

Also caught up in the rash of Irma closings are CW drama The Originals, and even Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp. On Sunday, the Governor declared a state of emergency for Georgia’s 159 counties to caution against “heavy rains, strong wind and potential flooding.”

It isn’t likely that the two production delays will add up to any significant rescheduling for The Walking Dead, but it’s certainly another setback for Season 8. In addition to the ongoing stunt investigation, AMC is also facing significant lawsuits from the show’s creators and executive producers over profit-sharing.

Production will likely resume later this week, and you can check out The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer for the October 22 premiere while we wait.

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