GofundMe is a great source for those who legitimately need financial help. Unfortunately, not every GoFundme fundraising plea is for something that is of a dire need. Some are just plain....questionable.

Just recently, a Tennessee woman by the name of Cinnamon started a GoFundMe to pay off her debt resulting from money she spent trying to win the $1.6 billion dollar Powerball jackpot last week.

GoFundMe shut down the auction. Poor Cinnamon said she spent her entire fortune on Powerball tickets, in a long shot to win the record jackpot. After she did not win, she was looking for people to donate $100K to her. She had only raised $800 at the time her personal GoFundMe fundraiser was shut down. Yes, some donors actually gave her $800.

With that in mind I thought I'd search through GoFundMe listings in the Rockford Area and find some "questionable' fundraisers and share my thoughts.

Rockford's Most Questionable GoFundMe Fundraisers

1. Help me pay my bills

Hey my dudes. The month of december his literally broke me in two and has made my wallet broke as well. I'm behind on 7 bills. Auto loan, personal loan, gas, electric, auto insurance, phone, and rent.

Amount raised $590 of $1,000. Hey, how 'bout spending less on Christmas next year?

2. Help me release two songs I recorded

I have another set of songs i intend to release in the next couple weeks as my follow up to "faithed".


this will be a digital-only 2-track single release, entitled "rewind the f***ing videotape.


01 rewind the f***ing videotape
02 idkwtf

Amount raised $35 of $100. Can't wait to hear these lovely recordings, those song titles sound riveting..

3. Beverley Brewing Co.

Beverley Brewing Company is looking to raise money to help finance a small parcel of commercial land in Rockton, Il. Our brewing company plans to build a 1200 sq ft brewing facility where our beers will be distributed to local bars and restaurants in the northern Illinois area.

Amount raised $25 of $5,000.  Nice, but most of us go to the bank and get a loan.

4.Help me continue my education

Money received from this will go towards my tuition, books, and housing.

Amount raised $220 of $10,000. No one paid for my tuition, I worked three jobs while in college and still maintained my C+ average at NIU.

 5. Sweethearts to Newlyweds. We're getting married and need your money.

With a little bit of heart and some money, we want to take some stress off these honey's. Only months away from saying I do! Let's raise a much as we can together so their wedding dream can come true.

Amount raised; $20 of $1,000. Ahh, how cute, ask your rich uncle for money, or have your wedding at the VFW, and forget the ice sculptures.

6. Need breast Enhancement Surgery

Hello this is not easy for me but im going to be coming out as transgender soon, and rather than ask for any thing grand like breast enhancment surgery or SRS i just would like to get enough to get a lower back tattoo

Amount raised $0 of $200. I need stomach reduction surgery, so maybe I'll go on a diet.

Okay, I don't mean to sound insensitive, but c'mon! GoFundMe has a lot of fundraisers for people in real need, these, in my opinion are not 'real needs', just ask Cinnamon.






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