If you have ever bothered to look at the fine detail of your cell phone bill, you may be shocked to see how much is going for fees and to pay taxes.

Illinois wireless customers pay some of the highest taxes in the nation for their cell phone service. According to the Tax Foundation, Illinois has a tax rate of 17.46 %, which makes it ranks it as the fourth highest highest among the 50 states (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico)

Ahhh, but it doesn't stop there, when you add on federal USF charges that are also applied to your bill, Illinois' combined rate is 23.92 percent. This makes Illinois only one of eight states where fees and taxes gobble up 20 percent  or more of your cell phone bill.

Illinois Ranks 4th

Taxes and Fees On Cell Phone Bills
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How does Illinois compare to our neighboring states? You guessed it, the worst.

Midwest Cell Phone Taxes and Fees
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Here is the breakdown in Illinois:

State telecom Tax: 7%
Municipal taxes: 5%
Wireless 911 Tax: 4.96%
Federal USF Rate: 6.46
TOTAL: 23.92%

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