The Capri Restaurant has been a staple in downtown Rockford for over 50 years now, and if you love their pizza as much as I do, you may want to sit down for this exciting news: Capri pizzas will soon be coming to our local grocer's freezers!


I can't lie, when I saw this post on the Rockford Register Star's Facebook page it made my heart race a little. Maybe it is because I am super pregnant and crave all things pizza, or maybe it is because the news is truly exciting as it seems!


Capri's plan is to make and freeze their delicious pizzas so that they may be sold at Rockford Schnuck's and Woodmans locations, which the stores have already agreed to do.

So, now to answer the big question: When will will be able to get our hands on these pies of frozen deliciousness?!?

One of the Capri's owners, Mike Grisanzio, tells the RRStar that they are currently in "a hurry up and wait mode" when it comes to the application and approval process. Basically, once they get the green light from the USDA the production of pizzas will begin, and they are hoping that will be sometime in mid to late June.

Capri's owners say there are still a lot of details to work out, and that the one downfall of this new business venture is that it will require the restaurant to be closed on Mondays and for lunch on Tuesdays to meet production needs.

That's ok, Capri. It just means Monday nights will be frozen Capri pizza dinner night at home.