According to, "At 4:38 p.m. on Tuesday, Rockford Police responded to the 1300 block of Rockton Avenue to learn that a woman was out walking her dog when she was approached by a heavy set black man with a full beard, in his mid 40's, approximately 5'11" and wearing a black baseball cap, red shirt, and black shorts. The witness described his right hand as being wrapped in a cloth of bandage."

You have to be one scumbag mofo to do this. You can't tell from reading, but the buttons on my keyboard are about to break from me typing so violently.

I have written and said things that offend others, but not on purpose. In this case, I think I could speak my uncensored mind and you would be ok with it, but the things I'd like to say about this POS would get me fired in a heartbeat.

"The witness alleged that the man had an "unknown" object in his hand which he used to hit her in the head with. He then ran East on foot," according to

Whether this was a targeted attack or just something random is unclear. It definitely wasn't a mugging because nothing was reported stolen. The woman is fine and was treated for minor injuries.

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