A Rockford weatherman was featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week in a segment called "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship."

Each week, the show features clips of videos from various TV shows and news programs with carefully selected words bleeped out. The gag is the people in the clips aren't really saying anything foul.

Paul Youngblood, who currently does weather forecasts on WREX, was among those featured in the latest "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship."

In the segment, Youngblood is talking about the current temperature. A well-placed beep and a blur inserted over his mouth in the video makes it look like he's cursing on the air, only he really isn't.

Judging from the sports scores scrolling at the bottom of the video, the clip appears to be from Wednesday's newscast.

Check out the video. Youngblood is featured 32 seconds into the segment.