A Walmart in Rockford has given Germophobes some help when they visit their store.

Imagine being a person that is extremely afraid of germs. It would be very difficult to leave the house.

Now imagine being afraid of germs and having to use a public restroom. The last thing you would want to do is to touch that door.

When you enter, it isn't too bad. You can push the door with your body. The real problem is when you go to leave you have to pull the door open by the handle with your hand.

Normal people don't want to touch that handle, so think about someone afraid of germs. They would freak out.

Now a Rockford Walmart has a solution to this problem. They have installed sanitary door openers in their restrooms.

The sanitary door opener allows you to open the door with your arm instead of your hand.

Now everyone can feel germ-free going to the public restroom at the Walmart in Rockford.

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