13-WREX evening anchor Kristin Crowley will be absent from TV for while recovering from surgery. Kristin has been struggling with multiple bouts of strep throat and says her doctor recommended getting a tonsillectomy. In a note on Facebook, she broke the news and has a requestion from viewers.

After this week, you won't see me on your TV for a while. After numerous bouts of strep throat, my doctor advised me to get a tonsillectomy. I know it won't be pleasant and I know it's going to hurt like crazy, but if it means I'll be healthier in the long run I'm all for it! I'll still make posts here on FB while I'm laid up but hopefully I'll only be gone for a week. Any popsicle flavor suggestions are welcome 😊

As a person that relies on their voice for a living, throat and voice issues can be a very frustrating experience. Get well soon, Kristin.

If you've got a popsicle suggestion for Kristin, let her know on Twitter.

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