No one likes to lose a job. Worse yet, no one likes to be misled. But, that is exactly what a few former Rockford Tilted Kilt employees feel has happened to them with the closing of the pub at the Clock Tower.

At the time of the condemnation of the Clock Tower by the City of Rockford last week, very few businesses remained at the facility. One that remained was the Tilted Kilt.

After the condemnation, employees found out that they suddenly were unemployed, but the way they claimed that found out did not match what they were allegedly told by management according to several employees.

Ashley Cronin of Poplar Grove worked at Tilted Kilt for six months as a cook, dishwasher, waitress and bartender. Cronin claims that her bosses led her and fellow employees to believe that the closure was temporary and that they would still have jobs.

Cronin took to Facebook to tell a different story. She says:

First we were told that this closing of Tilted Kilt is temporary, they condemned the building just a few days later, we were also told our pay date was still going to be on the 25th (today), we've all been waiting patiently for the announcement that they arrived but instead get told that we now have to wait!!!


As of today, Cronin says she hasn’t received her final paycheck from Tilted Kilt. In fact, Cronin tells me that in the past she has received multiple checks that have bounced and had to wait for a new check to be reissued. On occasion, the ‘reissued’ check would also bounce.

Cronin posted a message from Tilted Kilt corporate:

Ashley Cronin Via Facebook

So, employees are expected to move to Indiana if they want to keep their jobs. Don't think that's gonna happen. Cronin, along with other employees are definitely feeling the hardship. Cronin posted:

Ashley Cronin Via Facebook

Tilted? No. Jilted, Yes! We wish Ashley and all the former Tilted Kilt employees the best of luck!

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