Most often, the things that make a community great, are things we may never see firsthand. This video is a glimpse of Rockford's greatness.

A father and son were eating at Rockford's Cracker Barrel. From reading the father's post on Facebook, it appears their goal from the beginning, was to find someone to bless in some way.

At Cracker Barrel...

Look around for someone to bless.

Chatham says, “let’s take care of that guys bill dad, he is by himself and is wearing a vet hat...can we?”

I said ok, he leads the way, we ask our server to get his bill, then we start to leave and Chatham said “Are you gonna tell him?”

I said “You go tell him, fearless and without hesitation...he goes....

“sir, Your bill is taken care of. Thank you for your service!!”

Gentleman was shocked, and I walked over and and shook his hand and thanked him too, he said “there are some good people in this world, you didn’t have to do that but thank you!”

Proud of Chatham.

We're proud that both you call Rockford home.

Always lead with love.

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