Kids are back in school this week around the area, and Q 98.5 decided to pay it forward to our men and women in blue. 

All this week, the Rockford Police Department will be on site before and after school to ensure that the safety of the kids. They are planning on enforcing the speed limit in the school zones. 

The Wake Up Crew decided that the good efforts of the police should be rewarded. So I decided to make my way this morning to Bloom School. There was an officer and a detective, along with a school employee keeping an eye on the area. They were surprised to see me, and the cookies from Mary's Market I had in my hand.

I explained to them that their efforts were well noticed by us and we wanted to pay it forward with some treats. They were very grateful and happy to receive the cookies. What was even better was seeing the officers give high fives to the students when they were dropped off by the bus.

This is a nice feature that we would like to continue. If you know of an officer in the Rockford area who you think deserves some sweet treats for the streets, let us know in the comment section. Thank you to the men and women of the police departments in the area for their continued service to keep us safe.