The Rockford Symphony Orchestra is hosting a musical instrument drive to benefit the Rockford Public School District.

Did you play a musical instrument in school?

I played guitar, but I wasn't very good.

Maybe, your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, or someone else in your family use to play something.

Do you still have one sitting around your house taking up room and doing nothing?

I understand it's hard to give it for nostalgia reasons.

It's time to let it go and let someone have a chance.

There are plenty of children in the Rockford area that would love to play a musical instrument. Unfortunately, their family can't afford to purchase one.

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra is doing something about that.

They are hosting an instrument drive on Saturday, May 12th from 10am-2pm. It's going to be held at Kresge Hall at the Riverfront Museum Park located at 711 North Main Street in downtown Rockford.

"Instruments in good playable condition will be accepted for classroom use. Instruments that need repairs or are unplayable will be accepted to be used as art projects, decor, etc (with donor's permission). Instruments that are not urgently needed by the Rockford Public Schools will be donated to surrounding schools. Instrument donations may be tax deductible."

Volunteers are also needed for the event.

For more information, check out HERE.


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