After a recent COVID-19 case hit our office, we've learned there is much confusion around the virus. How many days do I quarantine after a negative test? What is the actual recommendation for quarantining if you have the virus? It seems like there are different answers from the CDC, state, and county. Restaurant owners are equally confused about how they should be operating when it comes to COVID precautions. A perfect example of this is the direction from the Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) versus Rockford's mayor.

While WCHD is saying, "no indoor dining allowed or we may shut you down", while Rockford's mayor, Tom McNamara, is saying, "hold up, we're not going to just shut you down." (I'm paraphrasing, by the way.) This is causing confusion with some restaurant owners who feel like they're being forced to decide which parent's rules they have to follow while living in separate homes.

According to WIFR, Winnebago County Health Department says they will issue citations for closure for "violating" public health concerns. They have already ordered more than 20 businesses to close. Meanwhile, Rockford's mayor sent this email to area restaurant owners.

We (the City's code enforcement) will not initiate action based soley on indoor dining. However, we will take action against egregious violators that put the health of our residents at risk.

The owner of Baker Street Burgers told WIFR he doesn't know who to listen to or what guidelines to follow, while Scott Frank who owns Ciao Bella shares the same concern of other restaurants have, they feel like they're being targeted.


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