In an effort to encourage residents to embrace 2019, there will be new convenience fees included with Rockford water and garbage bills. It's obvious that bills and statements sent via snail mail cost money. Another frequent way to pay for garbage and water is over the phone, which is costing the city by the minute, literally.

In an interview with WIFR, Rockford Finance Director explained how they (the city) are paying by the minute.

The pay by phone system that the city currently utilizes is a service provided through our banking relationship, The way that service is built, we pay per minute. For every call or call in, it will cost the city more money to process that payment.

It goes without saying, not everyone will see new "convenience fees" on their bills. Residents opting for bills and statements digitally will avoid those $2 and $3 fees. Yes, recurring fees for not getting with the times. Here's the billing breakdown, according to WIFR.

The City of Rockford will start charging the convenience fees on May 15 and $3 per transaction for one-time payments will be charged over the phone and a $2 fee for one-time payments online. There will also be a $2 monthly fee to defray the cost of postage for those who are still getting paper bills mailed to their home.

Want to save yourself some money and time (in the long run)? Set up automatic bill pay for garbage pickup and water.

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