If I'm being brutally honest, I really doubt I will make it to the amazing age of 99, but if I did, what would I want for my birthday? Probably cake and a nice, long nap...the same thing I want as a 41 year old woman.

One thing I am sure of though, is I am no where as cool as a Rockford resident named Ethel who just celebrated her 99th birthday with a big, long weiner...mobile. (Sorry, I couldn't help but crack that joke).

According to WIFR;

the Weinermobile paid a visit to Rockford Thursday to give a birthday ride for Ethel, who just turned 99.

How did Ethel get so lucky? Well members of her nursing home just googled “Request the Weinermobile.” That request got sent to the corporate office, where they plan on all the events they can get all over the country.

I would be remise if I didn't acknowledge the incredible hot dog puns that were included in WIFR's story about Ethel's special birthday celebration. I am especially fond of this line; "If we’re going too fast with this story, we can slow down and be more detailed to allow you to ketchup". Very nicely done, "WIFR Newsroom". I wish I knew your actual name so I could applaud your creativity properly.

If you are now jealous of Ethel and want to have a Weinermobile ride on your birthday too, you better get your request in right now by clicking here.


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