It's been a week since Rockford Park District announced Six Flags would take over Magic Waters in 2019. So how does Rockford feel about this? Here are some comments.

We asked our Facebook fans if they think there will be changes at Magic Waters in 2919. Surprisingly, most responses weren't 100% negative!

Well considering everything you now get with a season pass now, access to not only MW but also SF as well you're getting a deal.

Great point, but it won't happen overnight.

Yes, mostly cosmetic and maybe a couple of small things next year. They'll have limited time to get everything done before spring, the following year there should be a new ride.

It wouldn't be Facebook without a couple of pessimists...

Yes probably an increase in entrance fees!

... and one more.

I hope the food gets better immediately. I'm okay with not bringing in coolers (people are slobs) but at least have decent food options so we dont have to leave to get lunch.

I guess the last was half negative.

You can read more comments in the post below.

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